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Get Financially Educated Today!

We help people achieve their financial goals.

We’re ready to put our combined experience to work for you.

Providing the Best Financial Education


Here at Wasp Financial, we offer excellent financial education and personal watchdog solutions. If you’re having issues with data breaches or having difficulties understanding the market, let us put our expertise into good use and help you.

You can discuss your 401(k), Individual Retirement Account (IRA), brokerage, and bank investments with us. Trust our experts in providing the financial guidance you need.

Dedicated to Serving You

Achieving client satisfaction has always been one of our main objectives. This is why we work hard to deliver quality results to ensure that we exceed customer expectations. Our reliable team makes it a point to use an honest approach when communicating with clients.


What We Do

Our highly skilled team of professionals are more than qualified to answer all your questions and to assist you. We provide services for the following:



Small Business

Trust Services

Estate Planning

Credit and Mortgage

Identity Theft


Mission Statement

Wasp Financial provides the best financial education, combined with personal watchdog services to our clients. Our goal is to inform people on how their investments work. How your 401-K, IRA, brokerage, and bank investments work for you, with the peace of mind that your personal information is protected.



 “When you look at the world, everyone in the world who cares about his or her family wants to have a major portion of their assets in the United States because we are the growth country and the freedom loving country.” - Arthur Laffer

Committed to Guiding You Through Financial Education


Charles F. Ripley

Founder/Managing Director

Our founder, Chuck Ripley started on Wall Street in 1992 with a National brokerage firm. He holds a degree in finance and economics with over 25 years of financial services experience. He was also an integral part of the development of online trading. Throughout his career, he has held the title of VP of branch management, Registered Principle, Director of Trust services, and Principle of Compliance.

Honest Communication

We believe in integrity. This means bringing open and honest conversation to the table and taking your best interests to heart. You can rely on us to always focus on you.

Reliable People

We’re real people, just like you. Our process is simple: we get to know you and keep your best interests in mind. At Wasp Financial, our primary focus is to leave you smiling and satisfied.  

Customer Service

When you talk to one of our employees, you can expect to interact with a friendly staff member who will take the time to listen to your concerns. If you ever feel like we aren’t meeting the mark, we want to be informed about it.

Quality Work

Doing the right thing is the only thing. While this might be a mantra for us, it’s not always the case with others. We strive to give you an experience you’ll talk about for years to come and stay true to our values.


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